NeuroKernel URI/URL Guide

NeuroKernel uses a combination of standard and non-standard URI/URL formats to define the resource locations. NURI and NURL classes are used to define a data resource. Here is a list of all URIs used or accepted.

Method Description
n:cache/ Data or Image cached to the task context
n:resource/ Accesses a resource data location defined in resource class path
n:public/ Accesses public data folder at the web server
n:data/ Accesses application data folder at the web server
n:service/ Accesses to an application service
n:file/ File path
magnet:? Standard Magnet URI for a data or application
magnet:torrent/ Magnet hash for a data or application
magnet:cache/ Magnet data or application cached
magnet:compressed/ Compressed magnet data or application
magnet:zip/ Cached archived data which can be mounted as file system
nfs:[mountpoint]/ File system mount point
data:[mime]/ standard data URI
blob:[protocol]// standard blob URL
http:// standard http URL
https:// standard https URL
ws:// standard web socket URL
wss:// standard secure web socket URL