System Administration

System administration in Dynamic edition can be done using the “System Admin” application crafted for this purpose. However, only root user and users who belong to “System Admin” group can execute this application. Static edition requires a configuration file for administration hence system administration application is not available for the static edition. Developers can craft their own administrator tool, use an open source version or purchase one crafted by NeuroKernel Research for the purpose.

1. Root User

Like every operating system, NeuroKernel requires a root user to handle low level configuration such as registering applications or creating/deleting users. During setup process a root user will also be created with a preferred password. It is also possible to assign some users to System Administrator group to have access to some low level configuration options if not all.

2. System Configuration

System configuration is done by a system administrator application.

Group Type Description
Use Websocket Api Use WebSocket API if available
Maintenance Mode Put system in maintenance mode
Open Access Put system open to public use
Debug Mode Put system is in debug mode
Use Server Side Use server side as default runtime
Use Client Side Use client side as default runtime
Always Check Protocol Always check the system protocol
Allow Rootless Allow rootless mode
Allow Remote Login Allow remote login
Serves Public Applications Serve public applications
Top Window Only Use only top level window
Allow Torrents Allow use of torrents
Disable Shortcuts Disable window system shortcuts
File System File system available
Http Root Use HTTPS on login screen, then HTTP
Peer Execute Allow peer tasks
Multiuser Allow user login
Allow Applets Allow applets

2.0.1 Multiuser System

2.0.2 Open System

2.1 Display Manager

2.2 Desktop Manager

2.3 Remote Login

3. User Management

4. Group Management

Group Type Description
ADMIN System administrator group
STAFF All users are by default staff users
TRUSTED Trusted users can run scripts also in server runtime mode
DEVELOPER User is an application developer
GUEST Guest user group which can be used for product demo accounts
MANAGER Project Managers
READONLY View only user

4.1 System Applications

4.2 User Applications

5. System Registry

6. License Management

7. System Data in XML Format