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Visualize/Enter Field Data Easily

GIS and Remote Sensing applications can be done a lot easier with NeuroKernel. It is possible to distribute the field work and the results live without a central server. A decentralized or distributed file system or database is all needed. Graphics applications can be run completely at server side or client side or both depending on the sensitivity of the algorithms used.

GIS and LIS applications are important for municipal organizations. Smart cities have been developed in some pilot cities. NeuroKernel /OS can offer to these developments by its easy to deploy, distributed nature. Municipalities can access multiple data at the same time and make correlations and communications between them with ease. NeuroKernel's advanced graphics capabilities may give GIS and LIS applications a new breathing space. NeuroKernel applications can run at server and draw from server when necessary. Some containers in GIS window may be drawn by a server plugin application, some by the parent application, and some by remote plugin applications (either server or client). This level of dynamic work-station grade multi window application development for the web will define what is to come as a new computing technology.