Privacy and Security Features

NeuroKernel /OS takes security seriously. Remote tasks are limited and are not allowed to all system resources. These limitations can be found in developer manuals. Kernel keeps a threshold value on behaviour of each task. if the threshold is reached for any reason, task is forcefully terminated. There is no way to circumvent the termination process. Kernel is not just a task running by itself. It is designed like a nervous system. Different parts of the system may decide to terminate the task reflexively, but central kernel task is informed about the termination. It is recommended to use HTTPS if the system will be open to the public internet.

Developers can choose multiple ways to keep the privacy of the users on the peer-to-peer deployment options as well. A private torrent tracker can also be used for better functionality on a closed network if necessary. Remote applications can be made “trusted” by the user if the origin is from a known trusted source. The system registered remote applications are on the other hand always run as trusted. In future releases of NeuroKernel, security and privacy will continue to be the priority. We have already research projects cooking in our lab to harden the system security even more.