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Portable & Powerful API

NeuroKernel/OS has a network transparent system protocol, which gives flexibility to execute applications from any medium and development platform. Protocol is extensible and is able to handle high performance 2D and 3D graphics as well as complex interface elements. It is even possible to run applications from a command shell. NeuroKernel API is released in Java, but because of its protocol-based architecture, company can offer APIs in other programming languages or platforms as well.

Flexible and Distributed

Developed with NeuroKernel API, NeuroKernel Applications can run at server side as well as client side or both. Entire system can be launched in a browser if desired. Distributed and decentralized architecture of NeuroKernel lets developers deploy their applications in any medium they like, web server, cloud storage, torrent networks or decentralized storage systems. The most important feature of NeuroKernel applications is that they can themselves be distributed or decentralized piece by piece giving companies geographical freedom. An application can plugin other applications around the world seamlessly and runs as one. In coming years, NeuroKernel will be the next big leap in web computing, and it has the potential to change the web development landscape for good.

NeuroKernel windowing system, although runs on top of Document Object Model (DOM), is as advanced as MS Windows or MacOS, and as flexible as X Window System. NeuroKernel has no direct competitors in the market because of its unique, innovative and disruptive technology. In the future, NeuroKernel Research will also license its technology and protocol to the third party companies, so that they can build their own systems using them.