P2P Computing and Collaboration

NeuroKernel applications are very easy to prototype which would be ideal for scientific community. Advanced graphics features offer both remote and native graphics capabilities for maximum flexibility. Researchers can share applications and computing power between each other peer-to-peer without going through a central server using only a modern browser. High performance data communications between applications open space for new innovative disruptions. Plugin trees can make pattern recognition or search distributed. Ability to access any storage medium if supported using the NeuroKernel API helps scientific progress without causing large carbon footprint created by excessive energy consumption. Medical software and equipment producers will especially like the treats NeuroKernel puts on the table for them.

Collaborative task execution directly in between two remote personal computers via web browsers is a cutting edge feature. A peer with more powerful computing power may run those modules on its side while delivering results to the other peer via a plugin task. This not only decentralized but also distributed approach is what makes NeuroKernel /OS unique.