Interfacing with Scientific Equipment

NeuroKernel applications are very easy to prototype which would be ideal for scientific community. Advanced graphics features offers both remote and native graphics capabilities for maximum flexibility. Researchers can share applications and computing power between each other peer-to-peer without going through a central server using only a modern browser. High performance data communications between applications opens space for innovative disruptions.

Plugin trees can make pattern recognition or search distributed. Ability to access any storage medium if supported using the NeuroKernel API helps scientific progress without causing large carbon footprint. For instance, medical software and equipment producers will especially like the treats NeuroKernel puts on the table for them. NeuroKernel's wide range of features that are accessible by the API to programmers give immense power to the scientific equipment manufacturers. It basically eliminates costly embedded system development costs all together. A stable embedded web browser and services that connects to hardware will be all it takes. The main device application that run by the operator does not need to reside on the equipment either. This will decrease the maintenance cost dramatically.