Guide to Localization

NeuroKernel supports localization by providing locale packages. To keep the system quality intact, third party localization packs wont be allowed. Localization data is loaded directly into display server. This way, localized text can be automatically used by controls for better performance. It is possible to access localized text items using ILocalization interface.

1. System Locale Packages

NeuroKernel Research offers a fixed number of language packages, but committed to add more when the demand arises. Please contact us for available language packages or a new package request.

2. Using ILocalization Interface

After localization package is loaded, the application will have access to the package using ILocalization interface available from the API. Localization interface can be accessed from NApplication class as well as NContainer class. There is a localization notation that can be used in a text on any UI control which is a number in curly braces. The index numbers and corresponding text can be accessed when the content of localization package is announced in this documentation.

3. UI Component Orientation

NeuroKernel applications give fine grained control to their layout and component orientation. Each window's layout can be configured programmatically for both LTR and RTL orientation. setLayoutDirection method of NWindow is used for this purpose. The child windows of the configured window will also have the same layout as their parent window unless changed.