Volume and OEM Licensing

NeuroKernel comes with various licensing options for commercial use. Two main licensing categories are Development and Deployment licenses. OEM licenses are offered for all types deployment purposes including limited devices. Community developer edition is free for non-commercial use. The public workstation can be used to test the applications developed. You use our Request For Quote form for a detailed price quote.

Developer Editions

Developer edition is for one to five seats and designed for businesses with software development teams. Developer Personal edition on the other hand is targeted for small start-ups, freelance developers and reseller partners only. Volume licensing which reduces the total price is available for the Developer Professional edition, but not the Personal edition.

Deployment Editions

Enterprise edition is the main deployment license for the businesses. It is for single physical server only. Performance edition is offered for machines with hundreds of cores and processors in a single cabinet, which would be more efficient than going with a customized Enterprise edition license. In addition, the Nexus edition is crafted for medium and large companies which can support upto 20 server cabinets. For companies with big server farms, a SuperComputer license is available which does not have a limit in number of server cabinets. All deployment licenses have volume licensing and annual subscription options.

OEM Editions

OEM licenses come in two types, dynamic and static. OEM dynamic edition can also deploy statically to client side but requires J2EE at the server side. However, OEM static edition can only deploy to the client side. OEM licenses for embedded devices are a little more restrictive to keep the price tag low for each deployment, and they require minimum 1000 units commitment. Following table gives a detailed view of each product. NeuroKernel Operating System will be licensed to educational institutions with a discounted price. Volume discounts are also available please contact us for details.