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Green Computing and NeuroKernel /OS

NeuroKernel /OS is designed to be very efficient and small. It has been optimized for years to reduce its CPU and memory usage while keeping its high performance intact. Many modules were rewritten over and over again to meet these efficiency requirements. We will continue our research to make it even more smaller, efficient and faster. We are against software bloat and are for digital sustainability. NeuroKernel /OS will always be backward compatible with its older versions. In the future, your code will always run the way it is today. There is a huge digital waste sitting on millions of servers around the world that noone is able to run because there is no software available to run them anymore. They are simply outdated. NeuroKernel will make this problem obsolete. Take Java plugin for example, it is no longer supported although there were millions of applications around the world running with it. NeuroKernel is based on standard web technologies and wont be outdated in anyway while staying backward compatible.

NeuroKernel /OS can utilize advanced peer-to-peer features in web browsers. Applications written for NeuroKernel client or server side can be shared directly between personal computing nodes by-passing the client/server communication stack. This does not only increase the performance of NeuroKernel applications, it can also distribute the computing resources directly to personal computers instead of large server farms by utilizing unused computing resources on the user’s computer. This advanced new feature will open the gates to new ways of collaboration without disruption within corporate and research institutions around the world. This would save millions on energy consumption, at the same time, reducing carbon footprint significantly.

An application can run plugin applications from peers around the world as well. The application using peer plugins may not need a server to launch at all. Companies do not utilize the computing power laying on their desktops. Traditionally, a central server room is used for delivering web applications. This not only increases the maintenance cost, but also increases the energy consumption. Peer-to-peer computing offered by NeuroKernel may help significantly.