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Failsafe Deploy/Manage Modules

NeuroKernel applications can have failsafe system registrations. If one fails, system tries to run it from the other registered locations. It is also possible to deploy kernel to multiple nodes in a network, so that if one system falls, the other can be used to run distributed modules over the entire system. It is even possible to run of the modules from a ground base so that not all interfaces set to be deployed to the remote system.

Especially, in aerospace or defense applications, fail-safety is very important. Quick recovery from a failure is vital. Instead of developing error prone embedded interface systems, NeuroKernel offers an easier, high quality and fast recovering system that starts up in milliseconds. All that is needed from the embedded system to run a stable web server. NeuroKernel launches a desktop quality workstation in a snap. It is also not needed to deploy all the modules necessary to the embedded system which would have very limited resources. An application that plugs in other modules from different servers would be deployed and run as one advanced application to the end user. There is no hassle to update firmware for these remote modules. Embedded system can utilize serverless APIs via NeuroKernel's IPC mechanism securely inside web browser instead going through multiple API gateways from inside the embedded software.