Guide to Accessibility

NeuroKernel has number of accessibility features along with the browser and native operating system supplied accessibility options. It has full keyboard navigation, shortcut keys support, ARIA support (Beta) and in browser text-to-speech support which is not dependent on the native operating system the browser runs on.

1. Keyboard Navigation

NeuroKernel controls can be navigated fully by keyboard. Tab and Shift+Tab keys are used by default to move the keyboard focus from one component to the next in the layout order.

2. ARIA Compliance

All controls have their ARIA roles defined and altered with their state if needed. The new roles and labels can also be added directly from API for each control.

3. Text-to-Speech

NeuroKernel has a text-to-speech cognitive device plugin that is offered in the default package for all editions. The text-to-speech device is independent of native implementations. Controls can speak when they are focused if necessary.