Runs Centralized, Decentralized or Distributed

NeuroKernel Systems itself and applications can be deployed from any medium including peer-to-peer networks or decentralized file systems. Applications will run even from a GitHub project page.

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Any component can be made remotely controllable, plus custom device software can be hot-plugged.
Peer-to-Peer execution of tasks gives unimaginable collaboration opportunities to scientific community.
Field data can be entered, visualized and hot-deployed on the spot taking burden from central servers.
Factories and other automation purposes can increase the yield by deploying new tasks with a drag & drop action.
Distributed or Decentralized task execution at client side can lower the reliance on centralized server farms.

Seamlessly Supports All Devices

NeuroKernel can run from any device with a modern web browser. Applications can distribute themselves to different mediums making even the limited devices a deployment target.

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Distribute a Task Globally Piece by Piece

A NeuroKernel Application can be distributed piece by piece around the world. Some pieces can run from servers as well. The end user will still see a seamless single application to use.

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